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The result above is a suggestion based on the power output requirements of the stock vehicle. The suggested EVO2 battery may be a different size and shape or have a different terminal location than the stock battery. Some modification may be required for installation in your vehicle. If you have modified your vehicle or use it in cold weather, we list an optional HP battery. If you have a unique application, contact our customer service professionals.


Congratulations on your purchase of a Ballistic Performance Components EVO2 Battery! Your new battery comes charged and is ready to install. EVO2 batteries are very different in chemistry, construction, and behavior than a traditional lead-acid battery. Here are somethings to consider while using your EVO2 battery:

Maximum Voltage: 14.4 volts

Minimum Charged Voltage: 13.2 volts

Charged Resting Voltage: 13.2 volts – 13.7 volts.

Minimum Voltage: 9 volts

Standard Charge Rate Specifications: 2amps @ 13.2 volts until the battery reaches a maximum voltage of 14.4 volts


The EVO2 battery will not discharge like a traditional lead-acid battery so unless your powersports vehicle has a parasitic draw (like an alarm), there is no need to use maintenance charger. If your bike does have a parasitic draw then you can use a maintenance charger for storage or simply disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. We make a Quick Disconnect Kit (300-002 $49.95) to make disconnecting the EVO2 for extended storage as easy as possible. If left static (nothing drawing from the battery) an EVO2 will discharge at a rate of around 10% per year.


The best method for charging your EVO2 battery is to use the Ballistic Professional Intelligent Digital Balance Charger. It has a fast charge mode, a storage mode, and the ability to charge each cell or series individually. This Balance mode, when used periodically will greatly extend the life of the EVO2 battery.

You can use a conventional automotive or motorcycle based charger to recharge or maintain your EVO2 Battery. When using a conventional charger/trickle charge please check the following:

  1. The charger should have an automatic cut-off at 14.4V to prevent over charging.
  2. If you are using an automatic charger, be sure it does not have an automatic “desulfication” mode. This is a lead-acid specific function that can damage the EVO2 cells.
  3. Some conventional automatic chargers have charging parameters based around lead-acid voltage specifications which are lower than EVO2 voltage specifications. If your automatic charger shuts off at 12.8 volts then it will never fully charge a EVO2 battery with a resting voltage of 13.2v

Maximum Charge Rate for Standard Automotive or Motorcycle based Charger:

EVO2 50 (100-009) – 5A @ 13.2-14.4V until the battery registers 14.4V.
4 Cell EVO 2 (100-010) – 10A @ 13.2-14.4V for until the battery registers 14.4V.
8 Cell EVO 2 (100-011) – 20A @ 13.2-14.4V for until the battery registers 14.4V.
12 Cell EVO 2 (100-012) – 20A @ 13.2-14.4V for until the battery registers 14.4V.
16 Cell EVO 2 (100-013) – 20A @ 13.2-14.4V for until the battery registers 14.4V.

Cold Weather:

Ballistic Performance Components EVO2 batteries behave differently in cold weather than traditional lead acid batteries. A traditional lead acid battery delivers maximum current at the first initial draw and then degrades from there. EVO2 batteries actually get stronger with each successive draw. In cold weather the EVO2 battery has the ability to generate its own internal heat energy by putting a draw on the battery. In practice, what happens is that in cold weather, the EVO2 battery may need to have a draw put on the battery several times before it is up to temperature and ready to deliver maximum amperage. We rate the EVO2 battery with an operating environment of 0°F (-18°C) to 140°F (60°C). We strongly advise all of our customers to view our

“cold starting procedures” video.


EVO2 batteries are universal in size and shape to be as small and light as possible. EVO2 batteries are not original equipment replacements and the size, shape, terminal location, and terminal configuration may be drastically different than the original battery. Some modification maybe required to install the EVO2 battery in your powersports vehicle. We sell several cable extension kits and quick disconnect kits to aid in installation. Also, there is foam that comes in the packaging that can be used to take of the extra space left from the original battery. Please be sure that the battery is secure, insulated from vibration, and the terminals are free from coming in contact with conductive material that can short out the battery.


  • Do not charge a Ballistic Performance Component Battery above 14.4 Volts. This will damage the battery. Resting voltage of a charged EVO2 battery should be between 13.2v – 13.7v.
  • Do not charge with an automatic charger in “desulfication” mode.
  • Do not allow the battery to be drained below 9.0V, this will damage the cells. If your powersports vehicle has a parasitic draw like an alarm of similar devices, disconnect the battery when not in use. If the battery is allowed to be drained below 9.0V, it may not recharge to its maximum capacity. If the battery does become discharged, recharge immediately.
  • Do not attempt to charge a Ballistic Performance Component Battery that is below 6.0Volts. A Lithium battery below 6.0Volts is considered dead.
  • Failure to adhere to these charging specifications or exceeding these limits may cause battery failure and will void any potential warranty claim.